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The musical collaboration of singer-songwriters, Darwin and Dana Nelson (aka the former Mayor & First Lady of Lucedale, Ms.) known as "Double Dee" has taken them far from coastal Gulfport and their small-town roots of Lucedale, Mississippi and carried them across the country where they have created a name for themselves at numerous songwriting festivals, house concerts, and top-flight venues. They have performed at Margaritavilles/Parrotheads from New Orleans to Pensacola Beach as well as entertained audiences ages 2-92 at other venues from Texas to Florida. The acoustic duo has been described by others as Americana/Folk/Gulf Western/Country, blending harmonic originals with a Mississippi accent. These two have opened up for such recording artists as Keith Sykes, Mac McAnally, Molly Hatchet, Louisiana’s Leroux, Ronnie McDowell, Will Kimbrough, John Conley, Jeff Bates, and Darrell Worley among others.


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Double Dee Headed To Sweden

Tiveden Americana Songwriting and Music Festival partners with Mississippi Songwriters Alliance.
For Immediate Release:
     Many people do not know that there is a deep love and appreciation for Americana and Country music in Sweden. Yes, the country associated with the wonderful POP sounds of ABBA and Max Martin has a secret. Not only are the Swedes masters of hook driven pop hits and blazing metal they are also consummate fans and practitioners of their own blend of Americana and Country music. Hattiesburg based Americana Crooner and Singer/Songwriter Drew Young has been playing in Sweden since 2012 and has been bringing Mississippians across the pond for many years in fact, Drew partnered with the Live At Heart festival and Visit Mississippi to bring Cary Hudson over. In addition Drew Young partnered with Mark Bryan (Hootie & The Blowfish) and Orebro University to bring Songwriting and Production students from the College of Charleston to Orebro summer study abroad programs.  These events were such a success that Live At Heart CEO, Ake Lundstrom and Drew Young decided it was time to create a stand-alone event celebrating  Americana Music and Songwriting. Along with support from the city of LAXA and other arts granting bodies in Sweden, Tiveden Americana was born.
     September 2022 will find 15 writers from across the globe descending on the forests of Sweden outside of Laxa, Sweden for four days of songwriting, recording, performances and networking. Two of the days will be a music festival that will be open to the public and the songwriters will have an opportunity to showcase their newly minted songs.
     Tiveden Americana is proud to announce the formation of a  partnership with the Mississippi Songwriters Association. Owing to a generous grant, Tiveden Americana will be bringing 4 songwriters from Mississippi to share their talents. This year’s Mississippi Attendees will be Double Dee, Sean Gasaway and Amy Lott. These exceptional writers will be collaborating with songwriters from Sweden, Australia and Canada to craft the next hit songs that will be spreading across the globe.
     Directly after Tiveden Americana, The Mississippi Songwriters Festival will take place in Ocean Springs, MS. In a continuation of Tiveden Americana,  a contingent of Swedish Songwriters from the Tiveden Camp that will be attending to perform and to continue their partnerships with the Mississippi Songwriting Community.
     Looking forward, we all anticipate an expanded relationship between the Mississippi and Sweden music community.

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